My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Stockholm by the sea

Marint 1

Stockholm, Venice of the North – well I think it has to be shown in my blog as well so I took a number of pictures with this theme in mind and here goes.

Marint 1A

Masts belonging to cargo boats from days long gone.

Marint 2

An old lantern still looking out over the sea

Marint 3

and an old search light

Marint 4

Detail of a hammock

Marint 5

Marint 6

Marint 7

Awaiting the season in a shed lied this tar-smelling beauty when I found her.

I like boats and I like boat trips and I know this may sound a little self-contradicting, but the fact is that I have never wanted buy a boat of my own. The fact that I worked for an international shipping company for nine years must have founded some kind of firm interest and looking at old but well kept boats is a true joy and so is taking photos of them.


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