My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Strandvägen in April

Strandvägen 1

The entire city was apparently on its feet on this occasion and the sight made me think of the rush in the department stores the day before Christmas.

Strandvägen 2

Every café was crowded and people sat everywhere along the quay, enjoying the sun together. Strandvägen is one of the posh adresses in Stockholm (if it is necessary to think in those terms) but one pays little attention to this on a day like this.

Strandvägen 3

A young man is eager to find out whether the water is cold or not. People of my age know that the water is as far from nice and warm as one can get, but this man has to learn the lesson his way.

Strandvägen 4

The lesson began and ended just as quick as it began. What could the temperature be? I would say +5 or 6 C – not more. The water had been free of ice for a couple of weeks only and I think you can figure out the rest yourself.

Strandvägen 5

Yes, he is right! To keep the girls company is a much better activity than swimming in the sea in April.

Strandvägen 6

Beware of skateboards! Luckily, the usually come in groups so you can hear them well in advance and take cover before they try to run you over.


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