My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective


Street 1

It is one of the first warm and sunny days in April, I am strolling around with my camera as company to see what’s happening today. Life is suddenly very pleasant.

Street 2

A young man is taking a nap in the sun. His friends will, hopefully, turn him over in time. “Rare” is probably his choice; “Well done” would definitely be a painful experience for him.

Street 3

Resisting temptations is sometimes difficult and why should I not be playing around with objects and angles? Catch things while you can!

Street 4

Public bikes for rental is available everywhere from April until… well, I’m not sure. These Italian lads decided to see Stockholm by bike and are now ready to explore things.

Street 5

Mr Blue Sky is here at last!


Familiar sights can be used again. It is all a matter of trying new things out all the time.

Turist 1

More tourists in town. Later on, they had a long discussion about what to do and how to get there.

Turist 2

The girls did not know that they were posing for two photographers at the same time. I like Street Photos!

Turist 3

And this is where the discussion began. It took them at least about five minutes to make an unanimous decision. Besides, this is also where this blog post ends.


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