My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Shaken, not stirred

Skak 1

Oh me, oh my! I have an awful lot of blogging to catch up with here, so please buckle up now!

A walk in the afternoon took a little longer than expected so it went dark and then I found something I liked and wanted a picture of. The only light I had was from the street lights, the built in flash would ruin the image and I never bothered to bring the tripod with me. Wishing I had been there 30 minutes earlier wouldn’t help much, so I decided to take a deep breath, hold it and shoot hoping it was my lucky day.

Skak 2

It took a couple of exposures before I got an acceptable one, but I never deleted the other images and I’m lucky I didn’t. They were not sharp, but interesting in their own right so I kept the images and edited them. What it is? Water flowing over ice in a ditch. The reflections you see is from a street light. Who would have thought it?


I knew I had made similar experiments before and managed to find this shot. The picture is taken from a train negociating a platform at a station. Looks more like fireworks to me.


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