My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

A walk in March


I have become addicted to long walks with the camera as company. My favourite excuse is “I have no dog, so instead I take the camera out for a walk” hoping that people will buy it, but all they do is laugh at me. *sigh*

This is what it can look like when the snow is melting away. We get flooded instead!


Barbie has been brought to life and she is now walking the streets of Stockholm talking to her best friend (Ken?) on the phone. Spring is indeed the season when miracles happen.

Optisk telegraf

I also passed the replica of the Optical Telegraph. These were the first telegraphs used in Sweden before the electric telegraph was invented. 10 flaps were enough to cover the alphabet and the numers 0-9 depending on the position they were set in and were relayed from one station to another. The distance between these telegraph stations could not be longer than what the next station’s binocular was capable of seeing, so it was a rather tight network but the service was closed down during the winters due to the poor visibility.

Unlike many other countries in Europe, Sweden allowed the public to use the telegraph for their messages provided they paid the fee.

Rosa rök

Holy shit – pink smoke coming out from the chimney! I am doomed! Well, it wasn’t that bad after all. The weather suddenly changed and the clouds disappeared. Out came a red, setting sun instead covering and colouring just about everything in pink and red.


The setting sun made Kaknästornet (The Kaknäs Tower), a television and tele link tower, change colour from concrete grey to red and the fact that I had the camera with me made me very happy.


The last rays of the setting sun painted the entire city red, here reflected in the melting snow and ice. This day was indeed something special.


Invisible guest dine here, served meals cooked by invisible chefs by invisible waiters. We cannot see them, we cannot here them – all we can do is feel their presence. After the dinner, the dance to music played by an invisible orchestra or discuss interesting and intellectual subjects in a low voice. They all disappear at sunrise and nobody can see that something has taken place only hours before they entered the house. Only you and I know about their secret.


Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen (The Djurgårdsbrunn Canal). The silence was only disturbed by a couple of cars and a bus, the latter really shook the bridge I was standing on. The wild ducks had fun. They seemed to run as fast as they could and then dived into the water and “sailed” as far as they could before they began swimming and they apparently enjoyed it immensely.

Träd i skymningen

The trees seemed to greet me on my way to… umm, that remained to be seen at the time.


Street lights – a very nice and handy invention


No tripod and a little light from a street lamp. What am I supposed to do now? I took a chance and it worked after a couple of shots. This is water flowing over ice in a ditch. It’s a sound one loves to hear after a winter.


Playing with different kinds of reflections is another thing I like to do. Guess what it is and please leave your answer to the riddle as a comment to this post, thanks.


When I reached the water front I suddenly heard a familiar sound. It was a ferry returning to Stockholm after a trip to Finland, probably Turku. Today’s ferries are huge, floating square monsters. Nevertheless, the impression they make on an image under these conditions is breathtaking.


This is the inlet to Stockholm by night. In my opinion “Welcome to Stockholm” could not be expressed better!


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