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A walk on Fjällgatan


I took a walk along Fjällgatan on Södermalm a couple of weeks ago and of course the camera kept me company. Today, Södermalm is maybe not a “posh” part of the city, but it is definitely hot and has, indeed, a special atmosphere nowdays. Things were different about 30 years ago. Then it was nothing special and further back it was the last part of central Stockholm to get water, electricity etc and the people who lived there then complained bitterly. It is therefore not surprising that the last gas light in Stockholm was to be found there. It was put out for good in 1947.


Today, all the cottages that remained here are renovated and I think we are all happy that they were not torn down along with the rest of the city centre in the 50’s. Södermalm has, of course, other types of buildings as well but they are not as interesting to blog about as these.


Mixed styles and designs. The house in the centre has got its windows replaced with new ones. I have seen worse examples of things like that. Renovating old houses is not only a matter of energy efficiency – it is also a matter of taste and discretion.


Wooden houses were forbidden in the Old Town because they posed a fire hazard and the consequences could be desastrous, but they were allowed outside the city limits of the time (but under protests from the town’s architect). The reason why people wanted to use wood as building material was simple: It was much cheaper and people who lived here had limited resources and maybe that is why they are still standing today.


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