My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Hello, anybody there?


Birds are usually difficult to catch with the camera, probably because they think they will become another kind of prey than being the victim of an innocent photographer like me. This couple were apparently used to people and paid no attention to what I was up to.


I also spotted this year’s first sightseeing boat. Okay, I know that ANGANTYR has been on that trade for a couple of years now, so I can admit a little cheating here. Nevertheless, the guide’s voice in the loudspeakers is all you need to hear – then you know what it’s all about.


The Royal Palace is apparantly undergoing some kind of renovation and some of the walls have been covered with a net. It made this wall look like a painted coulisse. Unfortunately, painting of the walls will not be necessary yet. I think most of us are waiting for the day when the Royal Palace will get its original yellow paint back but someone said that it is not likely to happen in about 50 years so I don’t expect to be around when that day comes.


Boats at the quay outside the Grand Hôtel waiting for summer time table when they will carry loads of passengers and tourists out in the archipelago.


Finally, I found this and it was only too obvious that this day was the first hint of spring! 😀


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