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An evening in The Old Town


The weather is full of surprises at this time of the year. One could feel and smell spring last week and then we suddenly got snow. Not what I wanted, but one has to make the best of the situation, so I took the camera and the tripod out for a walk on a snowy evening. This is what Prästgatan looked like.


I believe you have seen this before and yes, it is Solvädersgränd. The only difference is that the image I posted earlier was taken daytime and there is no snow. Going back to the same spot on different occasions is something I often do. It is not because I’m going dement, but because it simply won’t be the same and I find the differences between various seasons of the year, different times of the days and so on interesting.


Själagårdsgatan and a tiny slice of Brända tomten. Loads of tourists stroll around here but only a few dog owners were out because of the weather. It was snowy and windy but have I always want to do what I have set out to get done, stubborn as I am.


A look at Kindstugatan and this is where I got water drops on the lens. It was bad enough with the snow, but the wind…


The photo of Baggensgatan was one of the last pictures I took that evening. Spending almost an hour outdoors in that weather is definitely freezing cold when most of the time is spent standing still with the camera and tripod instead of keeping in motion as a normal person would do, but I am not normal – I like taking pictures. 🙂


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