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Things to do on a winterday


As the blogging photographer I am, I felt that it was about time to explore new surroundings for future excursions with the camera, so I went to Saltsjöbaden. It only takes a little over 30 minutes by train from the city centre and then you are in the very heart of one of Stockholm’s posh places.

Last time I was here was four years ago, but things had definitely changed since then. The area next to the railway station still looked a little like a construction site so off I went to Restaurangholmen, a little island only a stone’s throw from there.

Time for today’s surprise number two. What I knew as a deserted island had suddenly got a load of newbuilt houses and people had apparently moved in too. Anyhow, the walk around the island was intact, so at least I could use that to make my observations from and so I did.

I first spotted these two skating gentlemen, obviously experienced and equipped with the things necessary for a safe trip over Baggensfjärden’s ice.


If one finds skating exhausting, one can always take a little help of a sail and transform oneself into a skating kite.


It doesn’t matter if the yacht is laid up for the winter awaiting the spring while getting an overhaul and to be equipped with the latest inventions – one can still sail an ice-yacht. It’s not a new fashion; ice-yachting was very popular over a hundred years ago and they even arranged races back then.

Today’s conclusion was that time flies if you got something to do, so I kept walking and exploring the surroundings before I went home after a couple of hours. Time flied…


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