My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The daylight is on its way back


I took this photo earlier this week. There is nothing special about it, except that it proves that we are getting more and more daylight every day now and that is something we Swedes look forward to.

Sweden is a small country, but it the northern end goes above the polar circle. If you pin the southern end of Sweden down with a needle and swing the country around, the northern part of it would suddenly end up in Rome. That’s what I call a huge surprise!

Ok, I live in Stockholm which means that we at least have a couple of hours of daylight even in December compared to them who live way up north who don’t get much of daylight at all. On the other hand, they have the midnight sun during the summer and we never get that here. Still, we have more light during the summer nights in June in Stockholm than they have in the southern parts of Sweden.

Who cares about that now by the way? The main thing is that we now are heading towards spring and summer so I think I leave the mysteries of geography behind and enjoy life instead.


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