My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Mist and fog


When I woke up, I found that we had the kind of weather that would make a sensible person stay indoors reading a book with the teapot within reach. Unfortunately, I’m not that kind of person. I had made my mind up – I needed boxes to store things in and today was the day to buy them so I left the flat, opened the frontdoor and stepped in something that felt just as cosy as a wet blanket, but as I said before: I had made my mind up.


Waiting for the train can be boring, but taking pictures is the best way to kill time. Most of the bus terminal was once a shunting area and goods yard and the remaining part of it has been taken over by the cars and it has looked like this for many years now.


What was that? A dream passing by? Today’s weather and a little imagination can be a very creative combination.


Strange things happened in the Stockholm metro (underground/subway) today. The trains left Slussen but disappeared on their way to Gamla stan. The old myth about “The Silver Arrow”, a ghost train in the metro system, has got a modern successor now.

Otherwise, travelling by public transport can be nice. I met a friend I haven’t seen for years today and it made me happy.


I took a walk before I went shopping, hoping that a little fresh air would do me good (it did). At least one doesn’t have to worry about the background on a day like this.


A house to dream about or a house of horror? You decide!


The nature is still providing objects worth taking photos of. The thing is that one has to look closer to find them at this time of the year.


I did the shopping after the walk and, believe it or not – I found what I was looking for! I got four plastic boxes (23 l) and covers for SEK 199. Now I can get better organised and if I don’t need them all here, the surplus will go to my country home. The only disadvantage with today’s purchase was that they were not the handiest this one can carry on board a train and the metro but I got home without problems and soon after that it went dark.


2 responses

  1. Out of the mist and rain
    Came a mysterious train

    Only to disappear into foggy space
    with a deceptively transparent pace

    Cool pix

    Simon Stargazer III

    08/02/2009 at 22:41

  2. Staffan H

    Simon Stargazer III: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the poem. 🙂

    08/02/2009 at 22:51

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