My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Door spotting


It’s no secret that I’m fond of taking pictures of vaults, arches and archways. The reason is simple: I think they add a little excitement to the image. Besides, I think that people, generally speaking, are rushing around with their cameras. Do like I do instead. Stop and look around and let your eyes discover the details instead. They may add more interesting information to your photo than the entire panorama will (buy postcards of them instead).


Have a look at this front door and the portal instead. A quick look at it makes me think that it is from the 17th century. I had a lucky day, because I shot this image on a cloudy day but with decent daylight. Otherwise I would have got in trouble with shadows etc had it been a sunny day. The portal is not just a sculptured portal – it’s also a way of displaying the house owner’s status and social rank.


The entrance to the German Church in Stockholm is also from the 17th century. Many of the contemporaries knew and understood the imagery language. Today only a few know them but the rest of us can always look at and admire the work done by skilled craftsmen of the past.


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