My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective



The doorbell rang frenetically last Sunday evening. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I wondered who it could be, trying to scare the s**t out of me. Is the house on fire or what’s the story?

I opened the door and there was a teenage boy with a black bucket filled with tulips. I got the time to say “Hi” and think “Ummm, what…?” before he began a presentation of his business that would make an experienced salesman feel the necessity to go somewhere and die.

The lad was from the local athletics club and their football team, which he was a proud member of, would make a journey abroad later this year and they sold tulips to raise the necessary funds for the trip. He would therefore be very grateful and happy if I bought flowers from him and ended up giving me the irresistable offer of one bunch for 60 crowns, two bunches for 100 crowns. Not a bad discount, but I one bunch was enough for me so I paid him, got my flowers – red tulip buds – and then he bounced off to my neighbour trying his luck out once again.


I took the flowers to the kitchen and then searched for and found a suitable vase which I filled with water. Then I removed the plastic around the bunch, grabbed the flowers and there I stood with a load of tulip buds on stalks and my hand covered by green leaves. Well, at least I bought them for a good cause.

Anyhow, I put them in the vase and hoped for the best and believe it or not but I have had them for almost a week now. I took a couple of photos of them three days ago as some kind of study and you have just seen the result. I hope you enjoyed them!



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