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Going back to my old playinggrounds


The church of Kungsholmen’s parish was central, because we lived in the block next to it. It is usually called “Kungsholms kyrka” (Kungsholmen’s church) but the official name is Ulrika Eleonora, named after the Queen at the time with the royal permission from king Karl XI (Charles XI).

The architect Mathias Spieler began the construction works in 1672 and the church was formally taken in use in 1688 (the works had stopped on several occasions because of the lack of funds necessary to carry on) in the presence of the King, his mother and his council. The church was far from finished at the time and the final touch was made in 1810 when the tower was completed.


This is the house where I lived from 1963 to 1973. There was a grocery store on the corner owned by Mr and Mrs Claesson. Mr Claesson was responsible for the fact that we got AC in the house sooner than expected. When they took over the store in the early 50’s, he wanted to be able to use the new refrigeration technique to keep milk, butter and eggs cool. The only problem was that the refrigeration machineries available on the market were definitely modern and intended for AC only.

Mr Claesson managed to get it his way after a while. The only exception was made for the elevator machineries which kept using DC for a couple of years until their age made modernisation necessary. The Claessons retired in the second half of the 70’s and time and the development had then made grocery stores like this one a memory from the past and the store closed for good.


Some stores and this remain intact through times. This knitwear shop has always been there and has looked the same for as long as I can remember. “Always” is sometimes a risky statment, but the store was founded in 1886 so I’m definitely right in this case and I won’t risk being corrected by a blog visitor with better memory than mine either.


The shoemaker has also managed to survive the winds of change and the shop looks the same as it did when I was a kid.

I will post more images of my childhood Kungsholmen in the next blog post.


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