My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Where all the winds meet


We have heard it before when people throwing litter around them. Their deed is often justified by “it will blow away”. They are right – it will – but I have often wondered what it would like where all these winds meet. Last week I found one of these spots.  All the litter was hiding between windows that had not been cleaned for ages. Unfortunately a vandal broke one of the windows. Not only the window by the way. He, I assume, also punched a hole in the myth about the invisible litter.

A quick look and analysis leaves us with the conclusion that most of it consists of take away foods and beverages. I’m probably oldfashioned but if I’m in a hurry and hungry at the same time, I prefer to wait until I have the time and opportunity to sit down and have a (quick) meal and I usually clean up after myself. Today’s stress seems both unhealthy and filthy to me.


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