My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Dangerous jobs


We often read about different kinds of adventurers and of course we all get impressed by the things they have accomplished. One adventurer may have climbed a mountain, another have made an expedition through the djungles of Amazonas. They radiate courage and self confidence even from the pages of a newspaper. I’m sorry, but I have just found that there are heroes closer than we think.

I was out on a walk with the camera the other day and spotted these roadworkers. It only took me a couple of minutes to understand that they are actually adventurers by profession. These men work in the middle of the street and the car drivers pay no attention to them and they won’t slow down either.


This became a problem in the 90’s and various solutions were tried to protect worksites after a couple of bad accidents. It seems to me that we have learned very little since then. Nevertheless, these men worked very fast, knew what they were doing and seemed completely undisturbed by the cars passing by. Maybe that’s where safety begins.


Mission completed. They were gone the next minute and I realised that I had just learned a lesson from daily life.


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