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Stockholm and its bridges


The Old Town in Stockholm is sometimes referred to as “the town between the bridges”. There is a poetic ring to that expression and my grandmother often used it when she talked about The Old Town so she must have liked it. I took a walk with my camera as company on Saturday and realised that Stockholm could just as well be referred as “The town with the bridges” – the town is built on several islands connected by bridges.


Gray concrete bridges, gray concrete pillars, black asphalt and open space big enough for a little daylight to find its way down – that’s what people usually call the curse of modern urban life. If you take the time to stop for a while and look around you will find that even these materials and shapes offer some kind of beauty worth capturing on an image.


This is where the trains from the south of Sweden enter Stockholm’s central station. A signal is showing “Stop” thereby keeping the railway safety high on the bridge and at the station.


Communication and traffic in three separate levels is made possible by different bridges.


A view of The Old Town – the town between the bridges – and what could be more suitable than a bridge in the foreground?


2 responses

  1. sambissell

    I like all of the images in this set…but I like the bottom two the most! The triple layer of transportation is nothing short of astounding as a mechanical display of insanity, to be perfectly honest; I can’t imagine how the minds of these men work!
    The photo at the bottom is a prime candidate for HDR with the stunning colors of the buildings and the clouds in the background! I haven’t found the time to invest in the complexities of HDR recently but I get Louis T would work wonders with this photo (although most HDRs are built by multiple exposures of the same image).
    In fact, the top most photo would be great as an HDR, as well!
    Great work, Staffan!
    Your friend-

    23/01/2009 at 09:12

  2. Staffan H

    Sam: The triple layer of transportation at Slussen (the Lock) is originally from the 30’s, the subway bridge came in the 50’s and the whole construction is now falling apart. Repair works are frequently carried out to prevent the concrete from falling down and cause injuries. The town has talked about a total make over with new solutions and a completely new design for years now, but nothing has happened so far. Another way of displaying insanity?

    What you refer to as “the stunning colors of the buildings” is a remain from the 18th century when the authorities decided that house owners were only allowed to paint their houses in “bright pearl grey” and a couple of yellow colors in order to reflect the daylight down on the narrow and dark streets of the Old Town. It gave the city a special glow. As you can see, many of the houses are still painted yellow.

    I have not had the possibility to dive into the secrets of HDR either, but I will definitely try it out in the future.

    Best, as always

    24/01/2009 at 02:18

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