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The day my tripod said goodbye


The day before yesterday I heard a metallic sound when rigging my equipment for the last shots. I had heard the same sound years ago and I knew it meant that the tripod had lost one of it legs. I managed to repair it then and it had worked for years – until now. The first thing that crossed my mind was to fix it again and hope for a bit of luck. On second thought, who had been growling and moaning about its instability latetly? Me!

I bought the tripod in 1975 or 1976, so it I could hardly complain about having wasted my money. It wasn’t what I had expected or budgeted for, but I decided to buy a new one straight away so off I went to see what the market could offer.

This may sound a bit weird, but my digital camera is heavier and bigger than the old conventional camera and this means that I needed a tripod not necessarily heavier, but well balanced and stable enough to carry the little extra weight of a modern camera without being too heavy to carry or bring with me.

The first tripod I looked at was not stable enough, but the second one was ok. The golden rule is, of course, that one compares prices and different brands before one buys. That rule applies to everybody except me. I needed it, wanted it and bought it right on the spot and left the shop with a tripod in a cardboard box and am now looking at it. SLIK AMT is obviously the brand and model, but it looks to me as a discreet imitation of a Manfrotto tripod but I may be wrong.

Recycling is the thing to do these days, so I carried the old tripod to the recycling station in the new tripod’s box (the box can also be recycled) and put it to its final rest while waiting to rise again as something new, useful and magic to mankind such as beer cans.


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