My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Winter diving


I had to do something fun after having spent the whole Christmas holiday working, so I decided to try diving. Winter or not makes no difference any longer; today most things can be done twelve months a year. The temperature managed to get down below zero today, so the shot above is of ice on a pond.


Jumping into the water with diving gear is a bubbling experience. I better pay attention to what I’m doing now; things may go wrong if I don’t.


A look at the surface from a couple of metres down. Strange feeling…


This is definitely a different world. So calm, so quiet despite that fact that I understand that there are traces of human activities around. People ought to think before they have a shit!


Beginner’s luck? I managed to get this photo with the help of things growing in the depth of the lake but the image looks quite different from the reality, probably of the effect the water has on the light and the fact that the visibility could be better.

The camera never lies, as you probably already know, but I’m sorry to say that I have just lied to you. I know nothing about diving and the photos are from different objects of glass that I’ve been taking pictures of, but at least I got a good story. 😀


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