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Thoughts on health


Allright, I must say that discussions about healthy lifestyle, healthy food etc don’t belong to my favourites. I eat what I like, drink what I like. I don’t go to the gym but I love taking long walks with the camera. I usually remain silent when a few colleagues of mine, who have found “salvation” in the healthy way of life, discuss the latest news.


The exception to the rule came yesterday when I heard that one of them had been recommended to drink 5 litres of water per day (1 US gallon is about 3.8 litres). This should “clean the kidneys”. Of course I couldn’t keep quiet, because I think it goes without saying that drinking so much water daily cannot be healthy and the risk is that one also rinses away the salts and minerals that we need, but myths are difficult to kill.


There is probably still a little hope for me, because I love fruit and vegetables. Honestly, what’s wrong with nature’s own products? Isn’t that where health begins rather than being on strange diets without variation in order to keep fit? Ok, exaggerated consumption of fruit and vegetables isn’t healthy either, but the colours and the taste they add is really appetising.

Compromising is probably a good way to describe my cooking. Generally speaking, I don’t eat much fat food or fast food, but I allow myself a hamburger with french fries on town now and then and I can buy a readymade deepfrozen meal and warm it up in the microwave oven if I’m tired but most of the food I cook isn’t very fatty. This means that I sometimes can allow myself to cook meals with sauces made of butter and cream when and if I feel like it. A little salad on a dish beside or an apple or an orange afterwards. Perhaps balance is the best way to keep healthy?


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