My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Thoughts in November


It’s mostly dark, cold and rainy weather at this time of the year. Don’t ask why, but I often think back to my childhood. The neon lights reflected in the wet asphalt, the “high-speed-splash-sound” the cars made when passing, the cold wind, the rain and the warmth and the smell of today’s dinner that greeted me when I came home after having spent the afternoon playing at a friend’s house.

Naturally, kids don’t think in terms like these and the words used to describe them is an adult’s but I think we file impressions like these in our subconscious minds and sometimes bring them back to life when we experience something similar.

I also think that memories and impressions are far more important to us than we are aware of and willing to admit. It is November now, a month that is dark and boring, but we all know that advent isn’t far away and advent means candle light and a few decorations. Soon all the Christmas decorations will be in their usual places, the Christmas tree, the smell of glögg (= spiced wine served warm together with almonds and raisins), saffron and the traditional Christmas food. We can almost feel the taste of it and feel the joy in advance because of the memories and impressions we have stored in our minds.

After Christmas comes New Year with even bigger parties and joy. Then it is only a matter of time before all the decorations are back in cellars and attics but it doesn’t bother us then because the days are slowly growing longer and longer. You do know what it’s like, don’t you? Why, may I ask? Because you’ve been there, done that and the memories and images are brought to life when for instance reading about the holidays.

Otherwise, nothing special is happening and the words above was something I came to think of when walking on the platform from one cab to another.


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