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Good bye to a car


I sent my car to the scrapyard today. A sad day, but it was necessary. Don’t ask me what happened. I drove it, parked it and left it there for a couple of days. Next time I needed the car it wouldn’t start and a piece of the exhaust pipe had fallen off. I don’t know how it happened or if somebody gave it a helping hand but I do know that the car didn’t make more noice than usual last time I drove it.

Keeping an old Volvo 240 rolling can be expensive, so I decided that I had had enough of it. I could have tried selling it as a spare part car, but I don’t have time right now to answer and take care of possible buyers, discuss the price, negotiate with them etc. Besides, I had the parking ticket ghost hanging over my shoulder, so I took the easiest way out of the problem, picked up the phone and asked a car scrapper to come and get it. I paid SEK 600:- to get rid of it but I feel it was worth it and it was much cheaper than a new exhaust pipe for a car that may not have passed the annual check.

What I will try to sell with the help of an ad is the winter tyres. I bought four new last winter, so they have only been used one season and will last for a couple of years, so if you know anyone who needs winter tyres for a Volvo 240 please let me know. 😉

Solving one problem often leaves one with another problem to solve and I now have a big problem to deal with. I need another car, because without a car, I won’t be able to go to my holiday home. I have a day off on Wednesday so I will probably go and take a look and see what the market can offer.


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