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Iranian design brings a little light to the November darkness


It is Sunday, it is November, the weather is bad and so is the daylight outdoors. What am I going to do? How can I cheer myself up? Now I know! Thanks to a couple of friends with roots in Iran and my camera, there are a few things I can play with to keep myself happy.

Step one is to move things around in my flat so I can rig my very primitive home studio. Step two is clean and give the things a shine before I take photos of them. Ok, this is obviously the road that leads me to cleaning my home.


Ready for tea the Iranian way. My friends can say what they want about cheap things, but I like them because they are unusual. I have just thrown a load of wrapping paper and cartons away. I got the photo things I ordered by mail earlier this week, however, I can only bin household waste without going outdoors. If I have more and bigger things to dispose of, I have to go to a separate little house and throw them in there and I find it more convenient to do that when there is daylight. There has not been much daylight when I got home from work.


I can also take care of the laundry while I am trying to figure out the best way to take a photo of this tray. All right, now when I have filled and started the washmachine I may get a chance to get some work done. Ok, that’s it. Enough done today and I can now smell something nice from the kitchen so I better stop blogging for today and go and get some grub instead.


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