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Paying the bank a visit


I paid the bank a visit yesterday. Last time I set foot in that bank office must have been over three years ago, because I do all my bank affairs over the Internet and have done so for over ten years now. The reason for yesterday’s visit was that a customer services clerk phoned me a couple of weeks ago and suggested that we booked an appointment to give me an opportunity to get “financial advice”. To tell you the truth, I hesitated for a second or two, because I live a simple life and have no specific problems with money apart from the fact that I sometimes like spending them.

On second thought, I realised that everything is subject to change and this means that the customer relation has also undergone some changes lately, so I accepted the suggestion, a date and time was agreed on and now I think you can figure out the rest.

The Swedish banks has rationalised grossly during the last 10 or 15 years which means that, among other things, a number of offices has closed. “My bank office” is no longer nearby but it doesn’t matter since I don’t have to go there personally very often. Yesterday’s trip began with taking the metro to Globen, the tram from there to Liljeholmen and another metro from Liljeholmen to Telefonplan.


This is what the metro station looks like from the platform. It was built in the 60’s and “renovated” in the late 90’s. The improved accessibility for the impaired is a good thing, of course, but apart from that they often manage to destroy the architect’s original intentions which I think is bad.


Take a look at this as an example. You find the original stone slabs to the left and the ceramic tiles from the renovation to the right. The stone slabs structure is interesting and gave contrast to what probably was a concrete wall. The ceramic tiles don’t match them and are fitted like… ummm… ceramic tiles and make the ticket hall look like a huge bathroom.


Ericsson’s office is still dominating the place. I think this is where they moved their factory from the first one on Tulegatan in the city centre. The company was probably ahead of their time back then, because I remember having read that the company provided a kindergarten so the workers could leave their children there and know that they were taken good care of while they worked in the factory.


The meeting did not take long and I decided to take a walk in the surroundings afterwards. It only took a couple of minutes before I came to this construction site. I sincerely hope that these houses will be better than some new built houses I have read about. Today’s construction methods seem to be designed to build houses that attract mould and it goes without saying that such houses are not very healthy to live in.


I found this old factory next to the construction site. One can clearly see that a part of it has been torn down. That’s the way it goes. Old factories that once were situated far away from the city are now very close to it, the company has gone out of business or been sold and the production has been moved. The old factory is left empty for years before they are torn down to make way for a new block of flats. Everything is subject to change, that’s life.


I also got a chance to take a picture of the lift of the day. The builders take the lift to the left and the material goes by crane.


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