My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The guardians in the woods

We all know that the moose is the King of the Forest, although he is rather clumsy and has bad habits like crossing the road in front of my car forcing me to “apply emergency brake” (yes, I drive trains and that’s why I put it that way). On the other hand when standing still on a safe distance from cars etc, the moose is an impressing sight.

Anyhow, the King of the Forest can’t do everything himself. He has to have helping hands. The image above is showing one of them, the Forestgnome, also known as “Old Brumblebrook” is keeping an angry eye on visitors who don’t know how to behave in the woods. If they go too far, his long arms will get them and he will also get the revenge he regards as fair. These frightful arms of his are hidden under layers of moss to fool the careless ones and all similarities with an old stub are purely coincidental.

The waters are protected by the Water Fairy who happily tosses up loads of the green slimy seaweed you see on the photo above on those who try to pollute the water. If you see someone covered with seaweed running like h**l, then you know instantly what has happened.

After these blog posts, I’m sure that you look at the nature and the cooperation between nature and mankind with different eyes wherefore I think it’s about time that I blog about something else instead.


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