My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

More from the world of factories and industries

Old factories and industries are important to get documented on photos – before it’s too late. Why are they important? It’s not that they represent the past and it’s not because few bother to take a picture or two of them. They simply represent so many different things, such as “a place to keep the staff in during working hours, happiness, expectations, progress, future dreams, anger, sadness, trouble shooting” and so on.

I often wonder what kind of daydreams the people who worked in these buildings had, what they thought of when they came home from work and before they went to bed. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle and these questions are important pieces. There was nobody there to answer the questions, but the buildings tell us their stories. Have a look and see for yourself!

An old building taking a rest in the shadow

The staff here could at least catch a glimpse of the city if they were lucky

The buildings may be old and abandoned, but one can see the deck house of a modern boat between them. It was no dummy; it was very much alive and in use because one could see the radar cameras rotating. It all depends on whether you are in the shade or in the sunlight.

I think they made different kinds of paints here. The production has now moved somewhere else (or have they gone out of business?). The old factory or, rather, the chimney is now in some kind of mothbag.

This building is fairly new, but I saw no traces of life. Built during an era when we still believed that huge factories and offices would give us a safe income and make us happy. Judging from what we know today, it was all wrong. Nothing lasts forever “as is” – there is also something called development that may change things by taking paths we couldn’t imagine.

I heard on the radio the other day that the city of Stockholm wanted to keep these factories because there are now hardly any sites like this left. Fair play to them and I just hope that there will be money enough to do it. Personally, I would prefer that the buildings would get the renovations they need and then have other companies move in there and rent the space they need. I think that such a solution would give the area a dash of the former enterprise and movement back.


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