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Tunnel vision?

I found this pedestrian tunnel (under the railway tracks) on my Saturday walk with the camera. It was an irresistable sight and I felt that I just had to take a picture of it. Well, here is the result – enjoy!


4 responses

  1. ovidiusuteu

    Is that ramp supposed to act as a disabled access?? WOW!! It is amazing that there is no graffiti on the walls..or there is and is not visible in this shot?

    05/10/2008 at 23:14

  2. Staffan H

    Ovidiusuteu: The ramp is intended for prams, but I guess it can be used by a wheelchair as well, provided the person in the wheelchair has someone to assist him or her on the way up or down. Not a very convenient way, but that particular commuter line is over 100 years old. Anyway, it has been decided that the public transport system in Stockholm should be easy to access and use by the disabled, so it’s only a matter of time.

    The tunnel has been repaired and painted recently and the vandals have, thank God, not discovered that there is no graffiti there – yet…

    06/10/2008 at 18:28

  3. Just a beautifully instinctive capture.
    A nice commentary on how alone we all are.
    Well done.

    07/10/2008 at 22:09

  4. Staffan H

    Studiophototrope: Thank you for the comment and for visiting again. I want you to know that your words mean something extra. 🙂

    07/10/2008 at 23:40

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