My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective


The word “concrete” has a negative ring, at least here in Sweden. It is often associated with something grey, boring and next to inhuman. Still, it is indeed a huge part of our daily lives, at least if one lives in a city. Allright – I agree – a brick construction has a nicer look, but can you cast brick more or less into any shape you want? No you can’t!

A designer got loads of attention when showing a chair made of concrete. I wouldn’t buy it, simply because I doubt that it is comfortable to sit in and it’s probably too heavy to move about in my home as I wish. Today one can get a concrete bench top, but it’s nothing I would like to have in my kitchen but I would definitely consider buying it for use where a tough material is necessary.

What’s most dominating in this image – concrete or nature?


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