My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

This is where I wanted to be today

… but where did I spend my day?

The weather was nice today but I spent the day in a classroom instead being of outdoors strolling around in the woods with the camera, listening to the wind in the treetops, enjoying the smell of the early autumn with every breath, feeling the cool, fresh air in my face and the possibility of catching a glimpse of an animal if I’m lucky.

Walking around on my own or with company doesn’t matter. Even when alone, one often feels that something is present and it’s not an animal. It’s something else, something greater than yourself and no – religion has nothing to do with it.

Maybe it’s a hint of what peace of mind is about. To be somewhere not just physically, but also with every sense present. Here and now. Yesterday, tonight and tomorrow doesn’t matter, at least not for the time being. Experience the feeling that nothing can distract you or disturb you. I only wish that more people could would know what life could be like without talking in the cellphone, listening to the iPod etc. – just get a hint of life’s mysteries.


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