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I’ve been good today

Despite the image, I can’t say that today has been like hitting something or given me that “right on spot-feeling” but I feel content.

Today began with me practising my bad habit of sitting way too long behind the computer and I felt I just had to do something as a compensation. I cleaned the bathroom, continued with dusting things in my flat – things that usually collect dust. Well, now that I got the steam up why not vaccuum clean the flat? So I did and I now feel great. Or do I feel like a saint? Ummm, you know what I mean…

I made a couple of decisions while cleaning, such as

  • When all the training work I currently do is over, it is time to take a day or two off and order the furniture I’ve been thinking of for so long because I actually need them.
  • Do something about my car, i.e. get rid of it and buy another one.
  • Relax?

As I write these lines I listen to the sound from the dishwasher and I just remembered that I will also have to go to the grocery store and buy something for dinner so this is where I stop for now.


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