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Saturday’s trip, part 1

I got a pleasant surprise on Saturday morning: the weather was nice. After all my moaning about the weather here in the blog, I thought I better post an image just to prove it. One could actually feel a hint of autumn in the air, but who cares when the sun is shining?

The destination was Nora. The town is small, but the charm is breathtaking. On our way to Nora, we passed Siggebohyttan. The house belonged to a family who owned shares of a mine and shares of a smelting-house. Add farming to what I just mentioned, and you get a hint of their wealth – at least when seen with contemporary eyes.

This is Siggebohyttan’s main building where the family lived. It is well preserved and is open to the public in the summer. Of course it was closed now, but the nature and the surroundings and the view over lake Usken are worth visiting 12 months a year.

A part of Siggebohyttan’s stable. It was probably not as cosy as it may seem, at least not during the winters. A stable with heating is a modern invention.


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