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Rain, rain and nothing but rain

We have not had much of a summer in Sweden this year. A week with nice weather here and a couple of days there, or a nice day with a shower or two. Nothing but rain or gray skies between these periods. Is rain really that depressing? Today I decided to check things out myself but I did it my way.

This means that I grabbed the umbrella, the camera and headed for the Metro station. Ok, I know that an umbrella may not be the smartest thing to bring when the intention is to take photos, but sometimes one has to sacrifice the convenience – at least if you don’t want to get soaking wet (it could affect my sense of dry humour).

I spent the time aboard the train trying to figure out where I would find suitable shelters to stay in to keep myself and the camera lens dry. It took a couple of minutes before I came up with a couple of possible spots. My second concern was whether they would work or not. Luckily they did and here’s the result of today’s work:

The colour of the umbrella does makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Allright, are you convinced now?

If you aren’t a happy owner of an umbrella of many colours, other means to keep you in a good mood are waiting for you. Do like these girls – try jumping from a little wall!

… or try a different outfit

If not in the mood for something extra, try a colourful standard solution and let the winds do the wrapping for you.

My conclusion after having spent over two hours on town in pouring rain: Life is what you make it. I saw many things that brought a smile on my face. Rain is not that bad after all.


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