My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Life on a bench

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a park, on a square or somewhere else. It doesn’t make any difference if we are young or old – we all use them now and then. I’m talking about the benches.

We may sit down for a couple of minutes and enjoy the view, rest our legs or just sit down and watch people pass by along with our thoughts about life and its mysteries and problems.

Our faces show different expressions when sitting on a bench somewhere and I came home with a couple of images of people on benches. Take the two ladies above for example. Are they watching something happening or are they just reading the meny displayed outside the nearby café? Nobody knows.

The young man is absorbed by his book while the old man is thinking of something and appears to be very far away even though he is, in fact, only a couple of metres away from me.

This man can, with a little help from the bench, easily search through his camera bag and hopefully find what he is looking for.


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