My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Today’s work

I was on a rest day today. Took a quick look around in my home and found a pile of shirts etc waiting for me to iron them. Besides, a tour with the vacuum cleaner would not hurt either so I decided to get started straight away, grabbed the camera and went to town.

One can now see the first signs of the autumn, but the weather was sunny and nice – apart from the wind – so I enjoyed every minute of the walk and I learned a thing or two.

I learned, for instance, that walls can hide secrets. Is the wall hiding a walled up window, an embrasure or what? Do you know?

Forget about stairway to heaven; walls can also reach the sky

I have never driven a motorbike, but the sight of this one made me happy

These cyklists seem to have a problem

The peak hours are not far away

I’m not the only person taking loads of photos. The tourists do it as well and for reasons unknown to me.

As I said…

A deep thinker?

Others take it easy while waiting for customers


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