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New technique, new attempts


I have recently taken up experimenting with HDR images as a new hobby of mine. A couple of panorama views over the city last Sunday can pass for a decent attempt.


A slight turn to the left and the camera can capture more of the city centre. The white yacht in the foreground is Barbara Hutton’s old yacht. It is hard to believe that her yacht should end up here, but it’s true. What the construction works are for? They are building a new railway line for commuter trains and they are currently building an underwater tunnel. The works are said to be completed in 2017.

_MG_5268_69_70 bloggver

An old brewery is now home of many different companies and schools. The politicians wanted to tear the building down in the 70’s but the public opinion managed to stop this. The demolition of the city centre in the 50’s and 60’s was enough.

It was late afternoon when I took the picture, but I have already decided to go back another day and explore the premises further.


The spring is on its way

_MG_2762 blogg

Last Sunday was warm – well at least above the freezing point – and sunny so deciding what to do wasn’t difficult. A walk with the camera and get a hint of the season to come was the choice. As usual I left the path the majority use when I found a smaller one to see what I could spot there.

_MG_2758 blogg

It didn’t take long for me to find some interesting spots. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get much of silence in the woods when the city is waiting around the corner and maybe I’m spoiled after a number of walks in Kopparberg.

_MG_2760 blogg

This is probably not the last we will see of snow this winter, but the spring was definitely in the air and I enjoyed every minute of my walk. Yesterday was also sunny, warm and full of puddles created by water from the melting snow. All this together put a smile on my face on my way home from work. A wonderful season is to come soon.

A quite different assignment

_MG_9199 bloggver

I have two collegues who are members of an 18th society and they got the idea to make a calendar with photos of 18th century paintings as source of inspiration. The members had selected a number of original paintings with an erotic tone and they wanted to create similar photos with themselves as models. This was a rather unusual idea and I accepted the assignment.

_MG_9192 Bloggver

It goes without saying that “erotic contents” was not the same back then. A stolen kiss or a woman’s leg were daring things to show in a painting. They also had loads of symbols which the 18th century people understood and by using these symbols, much could be said without actually showing it. Seen with our modern eyes they all seem very innocent.

_MG_9550 Bloggver

Being a painter must have certain advantages for they can take liberties with light. I can’t and have to accept that the light goes where I aim the flashguns and that’s it. The atmosphere was also important, so they were all shot in an 18th century house where we recreated the scenes from the paintings with what we had at hand. In all, we spent three afternoons shooting 13 pictures – one for each month and a cover picture – and it all went smooth and I’m happy that I accepted this assignment.


Lazy days?

Hängande dojor

I had two days annual leave left and decided to take two days off between Christmas and New Year’s holidays to get a “mini vacation”. Things seldom work out as planned and this was no exception to the rule. The period September-November was a busy one with loads of images to post process and smart as I am, I also made that pile grow. Still, I’m not complaining because it was fun and I learned a lot from it as a bonus.

The only thing about it was that I spent every minute off behind the computer and paid no attention to the apartment and now was the time to something about it. I have thrown loads of rubbish, wiped the dust off things and surfaces, hoovered the floors and carpets and when that what done it was only too obvious that the floors needed cleaning as well. All that remains now is to get a few things in their places which is easier said than done. I have probably mentioned it before, so please forgive me if I repeat myself, but the early post war houses were usually well planned with loads of daylight coming in from the windows – the only thing the architects forgot was the storage.

I have lived in the same apartment for 19 years and I like it here, but I guess it is about time I try to find some furniture for smart storage or move to another apartment. Something tells me it is not the first time I come to this conclusion and it is obvious that this must be a bad habit of mine; I find a problem and know how to solve it or what the options are – but that is where it all stops.

Anyhow, I have decided that next year will be the year when I pay more attention to myself and what I need. Luckily, I don’t give New Year’s Resolutions but my goal is to move at least a few steps ahead in the right direction.


What to do when colours are missing

Snörålis 1

The disadvantage with winter is that all colours are gone; we seem to live in a greyscale world so what can we do about it? Not much, apart from accepting facts and go for lines, curves and shapes instead. I spotted these concrete skateboard ramps this summer but they looked just like concrete skateboard ramps to me. Nothing more, nothing less, so I decided to save them as some kind of plan B for the winter.

Snörålis 2

Snow and ice has a tendency to “kill” most subjects around us, but in this case I thought it would bring some life to them and today was the day I decided to prove whether my theory was right or not.

Snörålis 3

The reason for this is that I wanted an occasion when I could work without being disturbed by too many people passing by wondering what I was up to (or where I had escaped from). The park is a popular place but the day before Christmas would probably keep most people busy shopping or preparing for the holidays.

Snörålis 4

My theory proved right and I think I got what I wanted. Another decision was made when postprocessing the images. They should be in black and white and with a greyscale showing snow in the city and cloudy skies because I don’t like when images “yell at me”.

Snörålis 5

Low contrast would probably be the best choice, but I wanted them to look a bit harsh and rough and used a rather high contrast insted. I know not liking winter is controversial, but there are times when I think I should skip the summer vacation and take my annual leave during the winter and go abroad instead of lazing around here.

Snörålis 6

And now it’s about time I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



Last week I took a trip in the archipelago with SS STORSKÄR. We had nice weather for a change so I took the opportunity to take some pictures while out and about. Lighthouses are not among my common subjects, so I took the opportunity to capture a couple of them. These may not belong to the impressive ones, but better a tiny lighthouse than no lighthouse  at all.

I have been told that modern navigation equipment has made the lighthouses lose their function; modern ships find their safe route without their guidance, but I would still like to think the small boats many use in their sparetime still find them useful. Besides, the thought of dark waters without any flashing light with different characters is boring.

Another experience made on that trip was that taking pictures from a boat at sea is something one has to get used to because of the sea and the fact that the boat is moving. The composition may have looked ok in the viewfinder a second before I snapped the trigger, but the sea changed that slightly so cropping and/or straightening up has been a must during postprocessing.


A quiet Saturday afternoon

I went to a park near the University last Saturday and sat down by a pond for a while. The birds were obviously used to people, because my presence didn’t bother them at all – and that’s how I managed to get this shot.



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